The admission of the cats in the hotel is preceded by several stages. It is desirable, before you bring the cat to us, that you visit the hotel by yourself, to make sure that we meet your requirements, then fill in the questionnaire. Together we will outline all the details.

In order for a cat to be admitted to the hotel, it is necessary for her to be regularly vaccinated against infectious diseases and treated against internal and external parasites.

The admission of the cats is carried out within the agreed period of time, it is mandatory to define the time for the admission of the cat, and it is also important to define the date of departure of the cat. We always advise that, besides the transporter in which you bring your cat, you bring with you some object which will remind the cat of home with its scent (pillow, blanket, your shirt, toy or something similar), as well as a little cat litter (sand) to mix it with a new one from our hotel. Scents are very important to cats and help a lot in the process of cat’s adaptation to a new environment.

If you are bringing your cat to the hotel for the first time, it is recommended that the admission is carried out the day before your departure, if you are able to do so, because we know from experience that people are always a bit nervous before the road, and certainly all of us aim to carry out the reception process in a poised state so that the cat remains peaceful.

Upon arriving at the hotel, it is best to hand over the cat to the staff, who will put the cat in a pre-prepared suit where food, litter, and water are waiting. The staff of the hotel will then mix the litter which you brought from home with the new one, and the objects that will remind the cat of the home will be placed around the suit. Together with hotel staff, open the door of the transporter and let the cat decide what she will do next. Some cats will immediately exit the transporter, some will nevertheless first choose to scan the staff and the new space from this position. She does not need to be forced, but just let her choose what she will do next.

Owner’s insistence that the cat is immediately released to walk around the hotel is wrong and can disturb the cat, and negatively affect her stay in the hotel. It is best to listen to the instructions of experienced staff.
While the cat is observing the situation around her from her room, you will complete the Cat Sitting Agreement, if you did not do this when you visited the hotel. It is advisable to stay in the hotel for about twenty minutes.
It is important that you know that most pets need some time to get used to new surroundings. It often happens that on the first day the cat refuses any kind of interactions with the staff, however, the next day the situation completely changes, this behavior is considered commonplace.

During your cat’s stay in the hotel, we will send you text, photo and / or video reports, according to a pre-arranged plan. In case of any drastic change in the cat’s behavior or health condition, we will immediately notify you.

During the day, cats walk around the rest of the hotel wherever they want, but in accordance with the schedule of the hotel staff, without contact with other cats.