The only way to book a place at the hotel is to make a reservation payment of 20% of the total amount. In the event of cancellation or change in the reservation date no later than 5 days before the arrival date, the advance will be included upon the next arrival of the cat to the hotel; in any other case, the Cat City Hotel has the right to withhold the paid amount.

Visits, Arrivals, and Departures

Time is a very important factor for the well-functioning Cat City Cat Hotel. Given this fact, it is very important that we all adhere to, as much as it is possible, the agreed terms, otherwise, the complete functioning will be disturbed.

Visits, arrivals, and departures are conducted on a pre-scheduled appointment every day between 10 am and 7 pm. Certain situations may occur when this time interval is not suitable, and we will try to be flexible whenever it is possible.

It is important that the cats have the maximum peace and absolute absence of all factors that can disturb them, and this is the main reason why it is important to respect the agreed time of visit, arrival or departure. Sometimes there are several arrivals and departures of cats that on the same day, and in case someone is late or early creates it may become crowded which can upset the cats and unable our full commitment to you and the cats.

Recommended time for visits, arrivals, and departures is 20-30 minutes.

When you bring a cat into the hotel, you must also bring her passport or a health card. On admission, if it has not been done earlier, the Cat Sitting Agreement and the questionnaire are signed, and payment is made, at least 50% of the total amount.

In case you are forced to extend the cats’ stay in the hotel, it is necessary to let us know a minimum of two days before the agreed departure date and if it is possible we will extend her stay. If you do not inform us within the stated deadline, every next day is charged 50% more than the regular price. If you do not contact us and do not inform us about the extension and you do not take your cat 15 days after the agreed date, along with the payment of all expenses, the hotel according to Article 64 of the Law on Animal Welfare has the right to find a new home for the cat.

By signing the Cat Sitting Agreement you agree that you are obliged to pay the price of the hotel services even if you want to pick up the cat earlier than it was agreed upon. The hotel may, but it is not obliged to include the remaining amount of the bill during the next stay.

Health, vaccines, and treatments against parasites

The conditions for cat admission in the Cat City Hotel are a regular vaccination against infectious diseases and treatments against internal and external parasites, which the owner of the cat confirms by providing a passport or health booklet and signing the Cat Sitting Agreement.

The signing of the Cat Sitting Agreement by the owner of the cat confirms that the cat is in a good health condition unless otherwise stated in the questionnaire.

In case of need for intervention, we will contact the veterinarian whose data you provided in the questionnaire, and if the said veterinarian or clinic is not able to perform the intervention, we will contact the veterinary clinic we cooperate with. In both cases, the costs incurred are paid by the owner of the cat.

Duties and responsibilities of the Hotel for cats Cat City

Hotel for cats Cat City is obliged to inform the owner of the cat about how the hotel operates, to grant access to documents entitled Rules, Conditions and Obligations, Cat Sitting Agreement and Questionnaire, and to provide price information.

Hotel for cats Cat City, whose conditions are in accordance with the Regulations on the conditions on the pet hotels prescribed by the competent Ministry, is obliged to act in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act.

By signing the Cat City Cat Sitting Agreement, the Hotel for Cat City is obliged to regularly and according to the instructions set out in the Questionnaire, feed the cat, maintain her hygiene, disable contact between cats, unless otherwise specified in the Questionnaire and the Agreement, prevent the cats from escaping or from being stolen, and treat the cats according to the indications in the Questionnaire and on the basis of the oral agreement with the owner.

In the event of any health complications or changes in the cat’s behavior, the Hotel for cats Cat City is obliged to inform the cat’s owner as soon as possible and act according to his instructions.

Hotel for cats Cat City cannot be held responsible for any injuries or illnesses of any type.

The staff of the hotel is obliged to update the owner at least once on the phone, e-mail, social networks or mobile applications during the cat’s stay in the hotel.